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PUBG Betting — Be a Winner in Battle Royale with GGBet

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), as an iconic battle royal game, has won the hearts of millions of players around the world. Its dynamic gameplay, in which players fight for survival in a shrinking space, makes it ideal for eSports competitions.

Betting on PUBG at GGBet represents a unique opportunity for every fan of the game. As one of the leading eSports betting platforms, we offer a wide range of markets, free streams of matches, as well as full event statistics. Unfortunately, there may not always be events in the line, but it depends on pauses in the tournament schedule of the game. And we, in turn, try to provide the maximum number of matches for your bets.

PUBG eSports Professional Matches

The development of PUBG eSports started right after its release, turning it from a simple battle for survival into an exciting spectacle. eSports matches bring together the best players from all over the world, who compete for the title of the best and solid prize money.

PUBG eSports includes different competition formats that reflect the uniqueness of the game. There are two main types:

Team competitions, where teams consisting of multiple players compete against each other. Coordinated work, clear strategy, and division of roles are key to success.

Individual matches, where each player acts independently, which requires more adaptability and the ability to make quick decisions. It is also a more challenging mode as it is every man for himself.

Modes for professional matches typically include:

  • Classic Mode. A standard battle royal mode where the goal is to become the last survivor on the map.
  • Arcade Mode. Short matches with certain rule changes. For example, there may be accelerated zone compression.
  • Custom Matches. Battles with unique rules set by tournament organizers.

The match itself starts with players jumping from the airplane onto the map, choosing their starting point. This moment is critical, as it determines the initial strategy and resource availability. After landing, players collect important weapons and armor to strengthen their chances of survival. The next phase is to move around the map avoiding the ever-narrowing danger zone, which requires tactical planning and mobility of each player. In addition, participants engage in battles with each other during the match. The final stage of the game is the moment where the remaining players fight for victory in the last safe section of the map.

All of this provides the tense and exciting gameplay that makes PUBG betting online so sought-after. However, it should be said right away that just because it is very difficult to predict the outcome from random, then it makes sense to bet in live, having a clear understanding of which team has a real chance of winning.

PUBG Betting Markets

As with any discipline, there are both standard types of PUBG bets and additional ones. First let's look at the main ones, which are 100 percent available in both prematch and live.

Bet Type Description Features
Match Winner Bet on the victory of a team or an individual player in the match Determined by the outcome of the match
Map Winner Bet on the winner of a specific map in a series of games Requires knowledge of the specifics of the map
Totals Bet on the total number of kills, points, or other indicators in the match Depends on the aggressiveness of the players
Handicap Bet taking into account the handicap of one of the sides Suitable for matches with a clear favorite

And now let's move on to prop bets, which are usually available in live betting on PUBG. They can change depending on the type of match (and its period) — some markets may be closed, or not available at all. GGBet, as a niche bookmaker, is famous for its variety of additional outcomes. And here are some of them:

Bet Type Description Features
First Kill Bet on the player or team making the first kill in the match Requires knowledge of teams' starting tactics
Maximum Number of Kills Bet on the player or team with the highest number of kills Focuses on individual skills
Survival to Top-10 Bet on teams or players who survive to the Top-10 Requires a strategic approach to the game
Special Events Bets on rare or unique events in the match, for example, killing a vehicle For lovers of exotic bets
Kill with Specific Weapon Bet on a kill using a specific type of weapon For connoisseurs of weapons in PUBG
Player Survival Bet on the survival time of a specific player in the match Studying styles and tactics of players

How to Bet on PUBG and How Do the Odds Work?

To wager on PUBG at bookmaker GGBet:

  • Select the match (or tournament in the case of outright bets) you want to bet on;
  • Explore the available markets for PUBG bets and select the one you are interested in;
  • Examine the odds that reflect the probability of the outcome of events;
  • Click on the value under the marquee and enter the amount in the betting slip on the right side.

The odds presented on the betting site determine the potential winnings. Many successful bettors use this in their strategy, as analysts set their size not just for fun, but based on a variety of factors and of course statistics.

How do odds work?

For example, if you bet $100 on a standard outcome — a team winning a match with odds of 2.0, you will win $200 ($100 x 2.0) if the outcome is successful.

Let's consider another example. Let's assume that teams "TWIS Minds" and "SQ Soniqs" are competing in a match and the Over/Under bet is set at 30.5 kills with odds of 1.85 for the "over" and 1.95 for the "under". With the same $100 bet on the "more" outcome, if the total number of kills exceeds 30.5, your winnings will be $185 ($100 x 1.85).

Implement These Tips into Your PUBG Betting Strategy

  • Bet more in real time

Live betting allows you to track the progress of the event and make more meaningful decisions. For example, if you notice that one of the teams is showing unexpectedly strong play and the odds for their win haven't changed yet, you can quickly change your strategy and try betting on it. And don't forget that you can place as many bets as you like on one match.

  • Stay tuned for updates on the game and META

PUBG is constantly changing. Successful wagering often depends on understanding current trends and changes to the game, such as new weapons or map changes. Also study the rules of the competition, as sometimes organizers can change the basis and this is worth considering when making a prediction.

  • Experiment with different types of outcomes

Don't limit yourself to just popular betting markets — try different types of bets. The bookmaker's analysts are human too, so sometimes they may not notice some outcome and change the size of the odds. Your task is to take advantage of this moment.

  • Divide your budget between different bets

A variety of bets helps you manage your risk. Don't bet all your funds on one outcome, spread them between different markets. This way, even if you lose a few bets, you will be able to cover the ones you win. However, use this wisely and do not bet on everything.

  • Trust statistics rather than your own feelings

Base your decisions on data and analysis, not your gut. Statistics on past matches and team results usually give you the realistic chances of your opponents. Also take into account the data that changes in live. For example, if one team has half of its players out, and the second team is playing with a full roster, the chances of the first team winning are very doubtful. Even though there may be a top player playing there, who usually "pulls" the whole team. But facts are facts.

Major PUBG Tournaments Worth Betting On

PUBG Global Championship (PGC)

The PGC is PUBG's flagship tournament held annually, bringing together the best teams from around the world. The tournament's prize pool is usually several million dollars, making it one of the most prestigious tournaments in eSports. The competition is held in different countries, which adds to the global reach and interest of the event.

On PUBG Global Championship, our bookmaker always offers favorable odds, as well as unique bonuses designed specifically for the matches of this event.

PUBG Continental Series (PCS)

PCS is a series of regional tournaments covering Asia, Europe, North America and several other regions. Each tournament has its own prize pool, which can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. These series serve as an indicator of the regional prowess of the teams that represent their region.

PUBG Nations Cup

Nations Cup is a unique competition where professional players represent their countries. The prize often exceeds half a million dollars, which makes it an interesting competition offering unique teamwork and national patriotism. The event is famous for the intense competition among the teams, which gives a very large variety to choose betting types.